Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sonobana Nashville, TN

This was the miso soup at Sonobana.  I like this style of miso soup. I think it is better when it does not have seaweed in it.  It was delicious.  Then we ordered a fairly standard sushi order except I created one of the rolls.  We ordered spicy tuna (asparagus and cucumber), bagel roll (smoked salmon and cream cheese), tuna roll, and the one I created--salmon and avocado. I took this picture while Sam was demanding I give my iPhone back to him. 
I think it may be a bit blurry.  Sam add plain rice and we ordered chicken yakitori for him but he wasn't really a fan.  The chicken was good even if Sam didn't think so.  Other than his protest about the iPhone, both of our children were very good for this lunch on Saturday.  
They play background music so that minimizes sound from any diners.  I hardly notice other diners when we are out because I am so focused on the food and our children if they are with us.  I did notice a couple of other diners this week.  Near us a woman seemed to be yelling what sounded like genealogical information to man who appeared to be over 80 years old.  Either that or she was talking about the cast of Romeo and Juliet because she was listing all of the Montagues.  I was heartened that our children could not possibly be the most disturbing element at this meal.
Thoughts on sushi at Sonobana: this is the best sushi I ever usually eat.  I regularly eat at sushi restaurants in Atlanta when I visit there a couple times a year.  I also eat at sushi restaurants in Lexington, KY although we recently had a bad experience that I will not share here.  I promised that I would only blog the positive.  The sushi is fresh and for some reason, better than what we usually have.  I question how there could be such a big difference in sushi quality so that this restaurant is much better than others.  But it is.
I have been eating here since around 2002-2003.  At that point, it was called Ben Kay.  Once in 2004, probably Veteran's Day, I went to Nashville to have my Volvo serviced at Volvo of Nashville.  I was alone so I ate at the sushi bar.  I sat next to a man who claimed to be Ronnie Milsaps's son and who told me that the man sitting with two women at the other end of the bar was Don Everly of the Everly Brothers.   I admit I was skeptical.  But I also have to admit that this would not happen anywhere else but Nashville.  You gotta love it!
As to why we were in Nashville this time. we came to Day Out with Thomas.  Sam was not as excited about Thomas the Train as he was when he went on the Durango, Colorado train.  We decided that maybe we should just go to Carbondale, IL one weekend morning and board Amtrak to Du Quoin or Centralia, IL because it would be cheaper and I think he would enjoy it as much.  We could then get back on the train around noon and come home.   Maybe we will take this trip this weekend.
We also went to the Nashville Zoo.  Sam seemed to like it and it was small enough that he could walk most of it.  I knew he was with one of his peers when he and another girl were looking at a lynx and both were repeating, "Big cat."  I was also encouraged but concerned that he is starting to understand spelling.  He pointed to the sign above the exit to the alligator viewing area and said, "Out O-U-T."  How much longer will we be able to spell words that he doesn't understand?
No trip to Nashville would be complete without a trip to Green Hills Mall.  It gets better everytime I go and gets progressively more high end like Lenox Square or Phipps Plaza in Atlanta.  Phipps is of course the most high end of malls in Atlanta but Lenox Square has a larger variety of stores.
We also ate at some wonderful chain restaurants that we don't have in our hometown:  Moe's (West End), Five Guys (Brentwood), and J. Christopher (Brentwood).  All were a good, consistent meal.  Most of the time we eat at these restaurants while in Atlanta or traveling to Atlanta.  Dalton, Georgia has a Five Guys!
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