Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Di Fratelli in Paducah, KY

On June 9, 2012, we went to Di Fratelli for a belated birthday dinner for Scott.  It was only a month late.  Such is life when you have two children: one two years old and one three months old (now four months old).   Di Fratelli has a typical downtown Paducah decor with add-ons.  Exposed brick walls are a must for a downtown Paducah establishment. My office building even has an exposed brick wall.  The add-ons for Di Fratelli are beautiful cherry paneling and a walk-in wine room.  The tablecloths were black with burgundy colored napkins.  Seems like the napkin color is great idea for an Italian restaurant that serves red sauces.  On Saturday nights, Di Fratelli has a soprano sax player not visible from the main dining room but pleasantly distant enough so as not to be too overwhelming.  As you can see from the above photos, we had calamari, veal marsala, and a wonderful chocolate raspberry pie.  To my knowledge, it may be the only place in town to get veal.  You certainly can't get it at a grocery store or the butcher's shops that I have visited.  This is definitely a classic Italian meal but with a twist--rice instead of pasta.  The calamari also had a twist.  It had banana peppers mixed in.  I have to say this may be my favorite Paducah restaurant.  Maybe it is ambiance with the updated cherry paneling and the proximity to only two other sets of diners instead of being surrounded.  Or maybe it is because they are the only game in town for veal.
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